Sunday, February 23, 2014

Zinc and Zone

I am being very cautious with this latest eating plan.

Looking back over my life I can pin point with exactitude the times I have been a 'normal' weight. Last years at school, at my wedding, between pregnancies and recently at my daughter's wedding.

However I never solved the problem. I would struggle for 8 to 10 mths with cravings and will power and feeling terrible to lose maybe 40 ot 50lbs and then within 6 months the weight would be back.

This got to be such a regular occurrence that I began to think what was the point of all the effort and deprivation if I was going to be back at the start weight so soon. Why bother in the first place?

I have clothes in my cupboard running between 4 different sizes. The nice clothes that are too small, then the elasticated clothes that are my regular outfits.

I know there are reports that 95% of obese people who diet return to their previous weight within a year. Those that dont are still on low calorie and doing regular exercise to keep their new figure.

I could never go from lunch time to dinner without some sort of snack. Within 2 or 3 hours of eating I would be climbing the walls with a form of hunger. Once I started on eating when that feeling arrived it was almost impossible to stop till I was bloated and feeling sick. This has been going on since childhood and I never thought it would go away, but it has.

Since I started trying the Zone Diet plus 2 zinc tablets a day my afternoons are what normal people experience. I can forget about food, the hours seems to pass quickly and I can keep busy. I have my tea around 3pm. A vodka and diet sprite at 5pm and supper at 6.30pm. After that I do not need to eat again till the morning.

My crumbling split broken finger nails are suddenly growing beyond the ends of my fingers and I can now shape and polish them. Something I have never managed to do before.

All in all I finally have a shoot of hope in my life that I am finally in a position to understand why I have struggled with this all my life. Too much insulin and not enough zinc.

The zone diet is allowing me to finally access my fat stored in my fat cells so my brain is happy even though my calories are around 1200 per day. The zinc is stopping the cravings and binging in the afternoons and evenings.

Miracle of miracles I am finally enjoying my meals and am satisfied with the choice and quantity I am eating.
As Dr Sears says if you are not hungry losing weight is so much easier.

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