Sunday, April 20, 2014

Lost weight on Holiday

I have just got back from two weeks at Mauritius followed by 2 weeks in Joburg. Mauritius was wonderful. We stayed in a guesthouse facing west over the sea and had beautiful sunsets. I had deliberatly not booked an all inclusive holiday with wall to wall buffet foods that we had already paid for. That is a recipe for disaster as far as I am concerned. We had beautiful breakfasts, cafe lunches and take away suppers that we could eat at the guesthouse watching the sunset.

I did have some indulgences, some mini magnums a few days and a tirmisu with rum and coconut. I thoroughly enjoyed them without guilt.

Got back to find I was half a kg less than when I left which I have never ever been able to do before.

Bought some roasted seasame oil in Joburg and taking half a tspn of that after lunch each day.

Its great to be able to go the whole afternoon without a binge. Been able to do that now since the beginning of January.

Started making the flax bread microwave recipe again and this time adding 2 chopped prunes to uncooked mix. That works out at 1gm carb extra per slice so is worth the extra carbs. 

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