Friday, April 25, 2014

Slender and Elegant

I have decided that is what I am going to aim for. I really dont know what weight that will be. Most advice is to return to the weight you were as a teenager. That wont apply to me as I was an obese teenager! I am trying to think back as to when my weight problem started. I remember my sister and I going to ballet class, I looked like a pink baby elephant in my tutu, sister looked like a ballerina! I am pretty sure at 6 or 7 I was in the back row.

I saw myself in a mirror in the spare room the other day and thought yes I can see I am looking thinner round the hips. I dont normally look in mirrors. When you are nearly 100kg you try and avoid them.

I am trying to send motivational messages to friends and family who also want to try a low carb diet. At the beginning it is so difficult to get your head around the foods that you can now eat. After 50yrs of low fat, low calorie eating I find it strangely liberating to be able to eat fatty meats and butter and bacon and still see the weight reducing.

This has also given me hope that finally I have found the answer and once I become slender and elegant I wont turn round 6mths later and find myself fat and obese again. None of my previous weight loss attempts have given me a guide book to eating as a thinner person. This one does. I can eat like this happily for the rest of my life.

I have started making the flax bread again since getting home from holiday and having 2 slices with lunch. What I decided to do was add 2 chopped prunes to the 2 cup flaxmeal recipe. I worked that out as giving me roughly 2gms carbs per slice because of the carbs in the prunes. However I feel so much better on adding the prunes. I would not eat them on their own as I have always had a problem with dried fruit. I dont have a stop button. But adding it to the bread gives it a hint of sweetness and does not set off a binge reaction.

This is a slow diet. I hope to lose about 2kg per month. So still got about 8mths to go before getting down to a 'normal' size. That I would be about a 14 UK or 10 USA size. But for now am just happy to get into a smaller size jeans and feel I have healed my body from the binging.

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