Sunday, May 17, 2009

Daughter's Jeans

Had a few worrying moments this morning. Grabbed a pair of jeans out of the cupboard and then could not do them up. Thought no way I could have put on 2" overnight. Took them off an checked the label. They are size 34 and mine are size36. Daughter sends her laundry up to be washed and ironed when she is in the guesthouse and her jeans got back into my cupboard. So that was a relief.

I then opened my small trouser drawer as I put some aside that I could not fit into and have found that I can get the cream pair done up. They have buttons on the side of the ankle I bought them years ago during one of my starvation mode diets and they have been languishing in the cupboard ever since. But today I am wearing them.

Had tomato relish yesterday for lunch as veg a bit short. Had some more with eggs for breakfast which was nice. If no ill effects will get some more tins to have as standby. Carbs are 1.5 gms for 2 tablespoons so half the carbs of ketchup.

Did all the difficult bits of the 2 DVD's this morning. So all the aerobics on Brand new you and the 2 salsa tracks on Salasice. Took about 90mins but I finished it. Must have used up at least 500 cals.

Got to lose 1lb a week to get under 140lbs by 20th July.

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