Friday, May 15, 2009

Down to 150lbs

Have not posted to blog for three weeks as weight was all over the place. I had a couple of bad evenings when I overate. At one point I was back to 154lbs so I decided to take myself in hand.

I am now keeping a food log and write down everything I eat and drink and work out the carbs and the calories. I also started walking in the afternoon when the children came to stay so am keeping up with that. I take the dogs for about 45mins every afternoon. I have set up my sewing room as a mini gym and have the netbook in there with my 2 exercise DVD's on it. I have Salsacise and Brand New You. So I do one of them every morning when I wake up. I am also expecting Jane Torville's Lose It and Colleen Nolan's disco burn DVD's in the post soon so that will be plenty of variety.

On the food front I have increased the size of my breakfast and am now having 3 eggs with any left over veg from the day before. Usually cabbage cooked in a little butter with courgettes and spinach. Lunch is the same as before only I am not having the yogurts and jello. Evening I have given up all the cheese and am now having tinned fish, salmon, tuna, sardines or pilchards with my salad. I have also stopped the home made mayonnaise and gone back to bought slim salad dressing. I measure out a tablespoon which is 1.7 carbs and 17 cals and have that with vinegar on my salad. I am managing with no snacks. Trying to have at least 8 to 10 glasses water every day.

Will keep a record of this as this will be my back to induction menu when I put on weight after I get to my goal weight. I dont feel hungry on it and am eating well and at last am losing weight again.

Got a trip to UK in Mid July and hope to be under the 140lbs by then. Also may do a trip to Joburg next month with daughter as she has to take son for checkups. That will be a 3 or 4 day trip I think. I know I can cope in SA as lots of restaurants now do chicken/ greek salad. Will just have to watch I am not tempted with extras like nuts and trail mix and yogurt. I do think that the yogurt was setting up cravings so when I reintroduce it I should just have in the evening before I go to bed. That way I dont notice the cravings.

Hope to get under the 150 and into the 140's over the weekend.

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