Saturday, May 16, 2009

Under 150lbs

Got the new scale working yesterday. This morning it was showing my weight at 149.2lbs so very pleased about that.

Cutting out the cheese, cutting down on the extra fat and oil and giving up the sweet puddings has definately got my weight loss back on track.

Will soon be down to the weight I was when I married at 147lbs.

Had half a piece of bacon with my eggs and cabbage for breakfast. Done lots of walking today as they were moving the pivot with the tractor so I was walking in to the center and back out again as they pulled it. Should have taken a hat as it was after 10am before I got home.

Lunch was pork chops took the rind off and some of the fat, had it with cabbage cooked in butter and opened a tin of tomato and olive relish as I was a bit short of veg. Tomatoes are highish in carbs but I thought if I had with a meal I would not notice an insulin spike. The carbs ended up at more normal intake for the meal. Was very tasty.

Supper tonight will be the other half of yesterdays tuna with salad and low fat salad dressing. Again carbs for that is 1.7gms for 1 tablespoon so fits in allowance.

Did DVD this morning and for a change did the Brand new you 4 aerobics sessions and then the level 2 salsa. So did all the strenuous bits one after the other. Took a bit longer but must have used more calories.

About to round up grandkids and dogs and take everyone for a walk.

Booked my bus ticket for July from Heathrow to Cornwall. Plane lands at 6.30am and bus does not leave till 10 so will have time for a good cooked breakfast. Hope I can get some sleep on coach as does not arrive till 4pm. But route is straight down the motorways M4 and M5 so no zooming round roundabouts.

Keen to get under 140lbs by mid July.

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