Saturday, July 14, 2012


I have been reading up about Serotonin and how a lack of serotonin or serotonin receptors can cause problems with overeating and obesity.

Also the amino acid that is made into 5 htp can also be made into another substance called kynuenine which cannot be used a serotonin and also cannot be changed back. The more insulin you produce the more kynuenine you make and the less serotonin. I got this from a book called Boost your Serotonin levels by Michael Murray.

I believe now I have been self medicating for years with carbs trying to make more serotonin but the insulin production has been halting the process. That is what causes binging.

The other thing that 5 HTP helps with is depression and sleep. I did not think I suffered from depression until I started taking 5 HTP and found my brain has another gear I never knew about. I am also getting 2 hours more sleep each night and I found that from the first evening I took a capsule.

I am now taking one capsule at lunch time and one in the evening. Decided I did not need to take one during the morning as I never overeat in the morning and am not planning to sleep.

Am keeping on with this experiment and now have enough 5 HTP for 4 months at the rate of 2 a day so will see where this takes me.

So far all signs of binging and cravings have gone and no nibble need after meals. I feel more satisfied after my meal and dont think about food till the next one.

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