Sunday, July 01, 2012

Under 13st

Have been battling a bit this month. With the trip away weight has not been going steadily down. I did add the loss today to June so that is 1.9kg for June so over 4lbs.

I ordered some 5 htp and started taking that a week ago. I think it is helping with the afternoons and I am feeling better with it. Got enough for 2 months and then will order more. The book about it has not turned up yet.

Had a trip to town this week and bought a nice black sparkly cardigan which will go with black and white dress as well as black trousers. Also found some cheap T shirts in various colours. They have a very nice neckline but long sleeves so bought one in each colour and will make them short sleeves.

Finally into the 12sts. I expect to be here for about 4 months. It seems to be taking me that long to lose 14lbs. But for the first time I am not dieting down as hard as I can in order to get to the point where I am going to stop dieting. I have accepted now that I am always going to have to not eat grains and sugar if I want to have a normal figure. But I can eat fat and cream and enjoy nice meals. I am happy with that.

I am finding it strange to be getting more male attention these days. As a grandmother who has always been obese and not used to attracting attention it was a very unexpected thing to happen!


Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for a few weeks but notice you don't get any comments? Or maybe you just don't let them through onto your post- anyway, I like reading the updates. Notice you talk about stones- are you British?

michelle said...

Hi thanks Sue. If comments are spam or advertising then I delete them. Genuine comments I publish.

Yes I am from UK originally. Glad you are enjoying my blog.

After 50 years of dieting and obesity I am finally finding answers.