Wednesday, June 27, 2012

'Calling' the scale weight

I find it very difficult to call my weight each morning. On previous low cal low fat diets I would know that if I was 'good' then I would be rewarded with a weight loss. On this diet with high fat and high calories my weight the next morning has been a complete surprise. Sometimes it is a nice surprise but the past 4 mornings it has been a nasty surprise. The number on the scale has been increasing every day till I was 900gms higher than 5 days ago.

I was beginning to get frightened that this would be a relentless gain and I would carry on seeing the weight gains ( or not seeing it if I gave up weighing again) until I was over 200lbs again.

I did not eat less than usual or watch my calories but ate my usual LCHF meals. This morning 500gms have gone. Had I tried going back to my low fat low calorie approach yesterday then I would have attributed the weight loss to that. Fortunately I did not do that.

I do need to get walking again. Been too busy recently and also watching Wimbledon on TV. I know the low carb high fat approach is right for me because the binging episodes are no more. They are not just under control, the urge has left me.

Reading Tales from the Scales and am seeing where I have come from. these girls weighing over 300lbs are just the same as I was. I am so relieved I have finally found this way of eating and my appetite is going to be normal.

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