Saturday, June 09, 2012

Not obese anymore oh joyous Day!

Got on the scale this morning and found another 200gms gone. Put that into the ticker without much hope and suddenly 29.9 BMI came up on the ticker!! Its official I am no longer counted amongst the obese. I am just overweight. I wondered a few weeks ago, as this was going so slowly, whether to increase my height just a tad! or put in a weight that I had not got to yet! Pleased I did not as this is genuine.

Yesterday I had 2 boiled eggs and butter for breakfast, some left over shin stew with spinach and cabbage ( cooked in butter) for lunch and ratatouille half a tin of salmon and 25gms of red Leicester cheese. The cheese comes in a 100gm square blocks and what I am doing now is cutting each block into 4 and using one a day. I am sure that some days I was eating half of a block in one go. One block melted on my ratatouille and the rest eaten in chunks as I waiting for it to warm up!

My next goals are going to be to get under each BMI level. 29.9 all the way down to 24.9! I am finally doing this and am feeling great. Not tired and hungry. The hours in the day simply zoom by and all of a sudden it is time for another feeding!

I love this way of eating and yesterday I was obese for the last time in my life. Now I am going to be slender!

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