Friday, June 01, 2012

I can change a tyre

Yesterday I set off to collect milk from a local farm. On the way I heard a nasty knocking sound from the back of the car and stopped to find I had a flat tyre. My first thought was to phone home for help. Get DH and the mechanic to come and sort it out for me. So I rang but no reply. Managed to leave a message with sil.

Decided to get started on my own and see how far I could get. I was taught how to change a wheel by my father over 40 years ago. All his daughters had to learn how to do it before they were allowed out on the roads on their own.

I was trying to think the last time I had had to do that on my own. 25 years ago maybe? At over 200lbs I would be absolutely exhausted after crouching down for so long and manipulating all the different tools. This time it was a breeze. 15mins and the old wheel was off, the spare one on and tightened up and I was on my way again and I was not even breathing heavily!

It is not only the weight loss but also the walking for 40mins every afternoon that has made me fitter and given me more stamina.

I did not know I had it in me. When DH eventually rang me I was able to say it was all sorted and I was on my way again.

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