Thursday, May 31, 2012


Signed up for a course on the Scandinavian diet yesterday. Here is the link.

One of the first tasks was to visualize an outfit to be wearing when your weight has normalized. The outfit I visualized was a wetsuit. If you are obese you would never dream of trying to push all the rolls and bulges into a wetsuit. There is no where to hide. Every bump and saggy bit is on show.

I have had a dream of doing an open water scuba course but would never dream of doing it weighing what I do now or what I used to weigh 4 months ago.

But maybe by the time of my birthday next Feb I will be down to a standard size and can see if I would like to scuba dive. DH has said we can go to Mauritius so will look for a hotel that has a diving training course attached!

Maybe having a bit too much cream these days. It is nice to have a treat but as I have the cream I want to use it up! Only having it once with the main meal and then put some in coffee after supper but it is a good glug rather than a measured spoonful!

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