Friday, May 04, 2012

Adding back and taking away

What I have found with this diet that it is as much about adding the fat and oils back into my diet as it is about taking the sugar and starch out.

One without the other does not work. Eating fats and oils with sugar and starch will put on weight. Not eating sugar and starch without adding fat and oil back into meals makes you hungry and craving food.

To stabilize your blood sugar you need to do both together. My intake is still about 200 cals lower than it used to be on a 'normal' diet which would put weight on.

This is not a crash diet. I am learning again how to eat without weightgain. Something I could do as a small child but I lost the knack somewhere along the way.


Aethel said...

Am enjoying each of your posts as I am going thru exactly the same experiences

Granny Lindie said...

Hi ..thank you for posting that. It seems I am STILL eating too many CARBS--but I am FINALLY getting what is happening to me.
Granny Lindie