Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fat metabolism

My body is now running mainly on fat. Fat from my body, 34lbs so far, and fat that I eat. I am no longer fat phobic and no longer 'dry fry' my foods or grill and throw the fat away.

My rings are loose, my watch has moved up my arm as my wrists are thinner than they have ever been.

I just dont get hungry until just before a meal and I dont binge any more.

I am enjoying cooking again. I like making nice cream sauces to go with my food. I add herbs and spices to my stews. I used to worry about doing the cooking as on a low fat low calorie diet I would be eating and picking all the time I cooked the food. Now I can wait and sit down to a nice satisfying plateful of good nourishing food and know that I am still going to lose weight. Lost just over 4lbs this month. Not a massive weight loss but if I can do the same for the next 6 months I will have lost another 2 dress sizes.

One thing I did find is that I was using a chilli and garlic spice mix and it stalled my weight loss for about 5 days until I went back to a small shake of cayenne spice instead. Some of these spice mixes have chemicals in that can stall weight loss. I love my ratatouille with some oil and hot spice on it.


maureen said...

Hi Michele, enjoying your posts. I am 60 and losing very slowly, but I am sticking to it. Good luck to you! Have you tried any of Linda's recipes? she has substitute recipes for chili, taco and a few other mixes. I have found them to be so helpful!!

michelle said...

Thanks. I am just sticking to plain spices now rather than the mixes.

I am losing slowly but not worried as I am enjoying my meals and feeling satisfied. I could not bear going to bed hungry as I used to do on a low calorie diet.

So losing at half the rate I used to but eating more than twice as well so it is a good trade off.

maureen said...

that is what is nice about a lot of the recipes. they are just plain spices, no additives.
best of luck.