Tuesday, May 01, 2012


For years I have had lumpy veins on my legs. Legacy of a twin pregnancy 30 years ago.

Even when I lost weight a few years back the veins did not reduce that much. In fact they seemed to be more prominent once the surrounding fat had gone.

On this diet with a higher fat level I have noticed that the veins are reducing. Whether it is because of the better blood pressure I dont know. Or maybe because I am finally adding fat into my diet my veins and arteries are more elastic and there is less strain on my whole system.

One thing I would like to do is have them operated on but I know I have to complete the weight loss phase and also know that I will never put the weight back on again. Maybe in 12 months time I could think about it. I think both legs would need doing.

Now that I am so much in control of my eating I can make plans like this. Before I was just waiting and anticipating the day that the diet went out the window. That is just not happening any more. I dont need will power I just needed to up my fat intake.

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