Saturday, May 12, 2012

Half life

Dr Atkins said that the degree of insulin resistance you suffered from is directly related to how much better you feel once you cut out the poison sugar.

Maybe he didn't put it exactly like that but that is my interpretation.

Since I have cut out all the sugar foods and re introduced good fats I feel like a new woman. I have energy in the afternoons and evenings. I start jobs and finish them. I am not constantly watching the clock to see if it is time for a feed. Dare I say it but I even forget about food for hours at a time!

This is the way I should have been living for the past 50 years but because I believed the hype about fats and oils being bad and making us fat I was stuck in a glucose fog for years. I suffered endlessly with different diets all cutting my fat lower and lower and allowing low calorie carb foods which made the problem worse. Like throwing petrol on a fire in the hope of putting it out!

Walking is making me feel much better and brighter and with an added bonus of losing 400gms over the last 24 hrs! Am sure scale will be up again tomorrow but as long as the general trend in downwards I am a winner.

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