Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Thirty BMI

Got to 30 on the BMI scale this morning. So these are the last few days I am going to be obese in my life. I will never ever get to this size again now I know the secret of losing weight and keeping the weight off. It has very little to do with calories and is mainly connected to how little carbs I eat and how much fat and oil I consume. lower carbs higher fat equals weight loss. Higher carb low fat equals weight gain. Simple when you finally understand it.

Good Kindle book by John Mclean the Low carb revolution. Only available as a Kindle edition. He like me is fed up about all the misinformation about obesity and the causes of obesity that have been aimed at the obese for so long and it is all wrong.

We are not fat lazy people who dont exercise. We are people who have a hormone problem and the main problem is insulin. We produce too much too often and it turns all our nutrients into fat instead of burning it off as energy the way normal people do.

I am going to be normal but I am not going to be eating a recommended 'normal' diet. My fat intake is going to be far higher than the food guidelines and my starch intake is going to be far lower for the rest of my life.

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