Thursday, April 09, 2009

Goal in sight 60lbs lost


So nearly at that first goal. My weight loss this week has increased to 2lbs a week and I am not getting the little up bounces I used to get.

My only change is that I have given up the diet cokes and pepsi. For 20 years plus I have had one a day in the evening as a sundowner. For 6 days now I have had water instead.

Amazing what a difference it has made. I read about diet sodas on the lowcarbdiet forum. Some of my books say no diet sodas but I thought they are zero calories so I will have one as a treat. I did this as an experiment and will not go back to drinking them.

The only drawback is that I am getting leg cramps at night in my calves. Happened three nights running now. Am taking a bit of extra salt during the day to see if it helps. Maybe there was salt in the coke so my system is now short of salt?

Next post will be from under the 152lb mark when I am resetting my goal to 133lb. Dont know what I should weigh but that seems a nice number 9 and a half stone. As long as I dont get a sunken face I will be happy. If face gets too thin will up the goal a bit.

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MoonLtStrl (Joan) said...

Hi Michelle!
The leg cramp thing reminded me that someone else had asked about them I did a little searching and ran across this info:

"One-sided leg cramps or spasms can help with the decision of what to supplement, whereby the left
side is usually indicative of calcium, while the right side is generally an indication of magnesium being needed, although some individuals require a calcium / magnesium combination for relief as a result of both being low. If right-sided muscle cramps respond to calcium (rather than to magnesium or other acidifying strategies), then dehydration is suspect, and extra sodium may be additionally required."

Awhile back I was having leg cramps in the left leg. I take 1,000 mg magnesium daily, so it would be the calcium I was needing...