Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This is what I have decided to aim for. At nearly 60 I am never going to have the figure I could have had in my teens if I had not got derailed by sugar and insulin. But I have decided that I can aim for elegance. Something that was in short supply when I staggered around at over 200lbs.

I felt I was getting there yesterday. We were invited to an engagement party for a couple of people who I taught 10 years ago. I wore a white and black long skirt. White heeled shoes, black top and black and sliver overblouse and a white large hat. You could not see any lumps and bumps and I did feel I looked good!

The meal was lamb and pig on a spit with salads so I had a good plateful and then put together my puddings. Pavlova and black forest gateau. I did not eat those and asked for a cup of coffee instead.

Only going to weigh on Sunday as if I get on the scale now I might find a gain because of the extra food and alcohol I have been consuming over Christmas.

Today I get back on the 3 meals a day with no snacks plan.


Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle

Thanks to you, I went to buy Irvingia and HCA today.. .

Also want to lose 55 pounds.

Cape Town

Tracey said...

Dear Michelle,

I have been following your progress on Laura's site and here and am rooting for you! Does the Irvingia no longer work, or have you stopped taking it? And have you heard of the very high fat "Optimal Diet"? Here is the link. http://homodiet.netfirms.com/diet/optimaldiet1.htm

This is what I am doing now, but even higher fat. Some days I go over 80% fat, according to my calculations on FitDay. I am controlling calories though, but it's easy, because with all that fat, you don't get hungry. I usually eat 1,200-1,300 calories a day, but my goal is not to go over 1,500 a day. I tried the high fat, no calorie limit diet and I gained 4 kg. in the end, so I discontinued it. 4 kg. isn't much, considering the amounts of 38% cream I was consuming. I also eat lower carb than the Optimal Diet -- for example, I would never eat the potato chips fried in oil. I am a Type 1 diabetic, and eating potatoes is like eating spoons of sugar; the sugar rises that quickly from them. And I love potatoes! I can't eat any of my favourite foods anymore -- bread, cakes, biscuits, ice creams, muffins, etc. I never cheat, although sometimes I may eat more of the foods I am allowed to eat, like chicken, eggs, cheeses, etc. I had to "transform" or "renew" my mind, like the Bible says. If somebody offered me a plate of dog food or screws and nails, I wouldn't be tempted to eat or even taste it, because to me, they are not "food." All my former favourite foods are no longer "food" to me -- they are more like my enemies -- they make me fat, make my sugar go up, and, in the end, will make me lose a leg or both legs, have to go on dialysis, lose my eyesight, and die. No thank you! After so many years of this, I am no longer tempted. Even if my house is full of those things and I am hungry, I won't eat them, even if someone paid me to do it, because they are not foods to me. I would go hungry and wait until I could get food in rather than eat those things. And just think about it – you have a farm and sheep and other animals and dogs, as I do. We only feed the sheep the best quality food, as well as the dogs. I would never give our dogs or any of the animals cakes, chocolates, biscuits, toast and jam, etc. Why human beings do this to themselves, I don’t know. It’s as though our animals’ health is more important than our own. We feed them better than we feed ourselves. If there are things left over after next Christmas or any other occasion, throw them in rubbish bin. Or if it’s too hard for you, ask your husband to go through everything and throw it all away or give it to the farm workers so you won’t be tempted. We make ourselves fat and miserable, damage ourselves, and hasten our deaths eating that way! Try renewing your mind, Michelle. Choose health and life! You can do it (Phil. 4:13)! Be encouraged. And always remember – nothing tastes as good as being thin feels! Tracey