Sunday, December 10, 2017

Average losses

I did a spreadsheet this morning to look at the time it has taken me to lose each kg.

Some of the early figures I have not got as I did not start recording until I was about 6kg down.

So I have taken the figures from then. Worked out the day between each new lower kg appearing on the scale.

The figures vary between 5 days and 18 days so the average is around 13 days to lose 1kg.

So that works out at about 2.5kg a month or 5.5lbs a month.

So at that rate a stone is going to take me two and a half months to lose.

I know this figure is going to drop as my weight reduces.

I have done this before the hard way. Then I would be losing 9lbs a month but every day was a struggle with my glucose levels all over the place, dealing with cravings and binging and worrying that the scale would show a gain and waiting to lose the weight so I could go back to 'normal' eating. Which I did and the weight came back on again rapidly. An exercise in futility.

This feels different. My glucose levels are stable. I dont get that awful need to eat in the afternoons when my glucose levels were crashing.

I am eating more, particularly good oils and butter so my plates of food are about my normal fullness but I am eating far fewer carbs.

I am finding jeans that a month or so a go were a bit tight are now comfortable. Maybe soon they will be too big! So I better get some wear out of them now.

I will soon be accepted as a Banting Buddy coach and hope to be able to help other people with weigh issues to finally understand what is going on in their bodies and solve the issue once and for all. As I am doing.

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