Monday, December 04, 2017

Giving up Milk

Giving up milk is something I have always struggled with.

On a low calorie diet is fairly easy to switch to a 2% or fat free milk and carry on adding it to coffee.

I mainly have milk in the mornings. I make around 4 or 5 mugs of instant coffee. The ground coffee is just too strong. I might have one if we are out for breakfast but rarely more than that.

So back to milk.I know milk is highly insulimic, for the number of carbs in milk it produces a much higher insulin response than would be expected. Babies need milk and insulin to put on weight quickly.

So even a small amount of milk when you are going low carb can be an issue.

Having lost 15kg without giving up milk I thought I would try this week to give up the white stuff.

Instead I have some cream. So I put a tspn or so of thick cream in the first mug, then top up with coffee and hot water so the cream does 2 mugs.

I have some coconut cream on standby for when the cream starts to turn. I will probably have to make butter out of it so as not to waste it.

Since last wednesday I have lost 700gms. My usual loss for the week is 500gms. So as an experiment it has shown me that milk is having an effect on my weight loss and is slowing me down.

So I will continue to buy cream to put in my coffee. I have one cup of tea in the afternoon and that one I still have milk. I just dont think cream and tea go together!

I am already planning for Christmas. If I dont plan I know I am going to run into problems. Sweets and chocolates have always been a problem in the past for me. I can put on 3 or more kg over a few days at Christmas.

So meat and vegetables are not going to be a problem. I can steer clear of the starches as long as I have my caulimash to soak up the gravy.

Will buy some almonds and maybe pecans or macadamias and toast them with spices and xylitol so I have something nice and sweet to nibble at. Maybe a bit of dark chocolate as long as I can stop at a few squares.

Left over cakes and puddings have been my binge foods of choice so will try and get the family to take any of those sorts of left overs home with them so they are not in my fridge.

I am not going to give myself  few days off. I know that if I let the insulin genie back out of the bottle I am going to be in trouble for days or even weeks. I am doing so well and feeling so much better I dont want to lose the momentum.

This is now my eating plan of choice for the rest of my life and my body is showing me how much it approves of what I am sending down!

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