Friday, March 16, 2012

Fat Power and Binging

Back under the 200lb on the scale. I never want to go above that again and maybe, just maybe, now I have found this way of eating I never will be that heavy again.

I do find this very counter intuitive. Before on diets I could make bargins with myself and could see that if I ate less on one day the scale would go down.

This diet I eat practically the same quantity of food each day. I make sure that I have my 15gms of butter at breakfast, 25 grms or so of good fat, butter, olive oil, cream or mayonnaise with each of the other 2 meals. I rarely need a snack but if I do it can be peanut butter or a small apple with some hard cheese.

I have had absolutely no urge to binge in the last 2 months. I cannot believe it was so easy to cure that out of control behaviour. I thought I would always be fighting the urge to binge. I can now walk past the fridge in the afternoon or my husbands open packet of biscuits without even a thought of finding a high carb snack.

How I wish I had discovered this 45 years ago. Dont think my life would have been different but I would have been much happier in my skin.

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