Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ladies Diets

While I love the idea of eating all the protein and fat that I want and it has certainly got my cravings and binging under control for the first time in my life I have been finding the weight loss slower than I would like.

So many of these Low carb books are written by male Drs and I wonder if they are aware of the needs of the ladies.

I decided a couple of days ago I was fed up looking at the same number on the scale so took a look at what I was eating.

Luckily I am just not hungry in the mornings so for the past 2 mornings have changed my normal fried omelette and mushroom breakfast to 2 boiled eggs with a dab of butter on each. It has worked and I am now another lb down. Still found I looked at my watch at 12.10 thinking it was coffee time and it was lunch time. So did not make any difference to the rest of the eating for the day.

Keen to get below 14st again!

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