Thursday, March 22, 2012

seven hours without food

I had my breakfast as normal yesterday. Mushrooms fried in olive oil and a tomato/onion omelette at around 8.

I set off to sort out my D computers at 10.30am and started the antivirus update at 11am. It was painfully slow as it had not been updated for ages and eventually finished at 2.40pm. I could not leave it as the staff are not very computer savey.

So by the time I got home for lunch it was 3. I was surprised at how well my system coped. I was hungry yes but did not feel the need to send out for a pie or burger or some high carb thing. I had the control to be able to wait for my meal and that is very unusual for me. Previously I have been a clock watcher to see when is my next feeding time!

Life does seem less blaah these days. Dont think activities have changed but my attitude has. Have more spontinaity. Am being less frumpy and stuck to my chair!

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