Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blood type diet

Have just finished the above named book. Found it a very different approach to dieting and losing weight. I was a bit of a sceptic but in my case he is spot on.

As a type O I should be eating more of a cavewoman diet. Meat and veg. I should not be having grains and milk.

I have found my dieting progress much steadier and more controllable now that I dont have milk at all. I also used to take wheat bran every day but he says that wheat bran is also not recommended for Type O.

My DH is type A so he should be eating less meat and more veg and grains. Mealtimes are not going to be easy!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle--I’m a type A too, and low carbing (Atkins style). Maybe you and DH can reach common ground at meal times by enjoying LOTS of carb friendly veg, protein with red meat de-emphasized, and blood-type appropriate amounts of fiber rich, low glycemic grain foods. I really need to watch the grain carbs while losing, so they are minimized most of the time and treated like “condiments”. Maybe DH could have larger portions of the healthy grains during meals together? Just a thought...