Saturday, November 20, 2010

Obesity is a leptin problem

It is wonderful to have the confidence to know that I am not going to find myself overeating and binging and putting the weight back on again.

I am trying to think about to when my hormones first went out of sync and I would find myself continually hungry. I would say it was at primary school. I would always go back for seconds of main course and pudding if I could get it.

I very rarely have a problem in the morning as long as I have a cooked breakfast with plenty of protein and oil. Yesterday was poached eggs and fried mushrooms at 7 and I only started feeling hungry at 11. Now I dont continually worry about food in the afternoons. I know I can wait for 5 hours and then have a tasty supper and then I dont eat again before bed.

It takes 3 hours in the morning after I wake up to feel hungry again, so my leptin is working well and persuading my brain that there is plenty of food and still plenty of fat stores so there is no need to be panicky about food.

I am still 35lbs overweight but feel so much better and starting to feel bones emerging again from the fat.

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