Sunday, November 07, 2010

Slow Dieting

Got under the BMI 29 today and lost another 0.4 of a pound so that is 12oz this week.
Normally I would feel a failure for losing such a small amount of weight but this time I dont.

I am not craving or binging or in any danger of finding my weight going up by 5 or 6lbs any day. Each day the weight is either the same or has dropped a bit. I am enjoying my 3 good meals a day and am not feeling deprived and waiting till I get to the end of the diet. So if it takes me 10 months and I succeed that is better than taking 5 months and then yoyoing back up again.

Yesterday did a nice chicken thai curry with peanut butter in it for lunch. Am dusting off the cookery books to find interesting meals.

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