Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This is the diet and pills for me

This is what I have been looking for the whole of my life. I am becoming unobese for the first time in my life.

Lost another 0.8lb in the last 24 hours so that is 1.6lb so far this week. I am eating so well at my meals but now not having any calories at all between meals.

I dont feel I have to do exercise to lose the weight and with the help of irvingia I just dont overeat anymore or have cravings I cant control.

Yesterdays lunch was a left over chicken leg, with the skin covered in a tomato ratatouille and heated up in the microwave served on a bed of cabbage cooked with butter and spinach.

Nails are still nice after giving up the milk completely. I have never had such strong nail. They look like fake ones but they are real!

This is the diet for the rest of my life. No sweeteners, no pudding, no fruit, no diet drinks. Just good flavourful savoury food with sauces.

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