Wednesday, November 17, 2010


That book arrived in the post yesterday. I had ordered it from Amazon. His hypothesis is that obesity is an autoimmune disease like arthritis etc. Only just read the first few pages so will see where he is going to take this.

He had arthritis and then diabetes and cured both with going back to a caveman diet.

I definitely had an intolerance to milk and feel so much better now I have given it up and various little health niggles are cured. I also had a problem with wheat but as I gave up all wheat products 3 years ago that has not been so much of a problem.

Surprised to find I have lost 2lbs in 3 days this week. Weight loss has been slow around 0.8lb for the past few weeks and I was not expecting it to speed up again. The blurb on Irvinigia says it can take 8 to 10 weeks to start increasing weight loss. If this is the effect of the irvingia then I am very happy.

Still no cravings in the afternoons and I am learning about hunger something I never really experienced when my weight was so out of control and I was binging all the time.

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