Sunday, November 14, 2010

Paleo Diet

The book came yesterday so I read it in an afternoon. I was interested to read it but felt he has unnecessarily down on the low carb diets. Also I dont know any woman who can eat 2200 cals per day. That maybe the recommended calorie intake but on that I would be putting on at least a lb a week. I am not sure if his recommendations were aimed at the obese who want to lose weight or people looking for a healthy diet.

Also I would imagine that early man started taming animals long before he started growing grain crops. So cheese and yogurt may have been on the menu before the grains.

Also the fruit that we can buy now is very different from the fruit that would have been obtainable in the paleo era. Todays fruit is much sweeter and is now available all year instead of only at certain seasons.

Am waiting for Neanderthin to turn up and see if that says anything different. Lost 1.6lbs this week. Not staggering weight loss but at least is steady and consistent. I weigh less every Sunday than I did the Sunday before.

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