Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Inflammed Fat

Am reading my books again about leptin resistance and inflammed fat. Fat produces its own hormones and causes problems in the body that keep the body fat.

I worked out I lost 14lbs the first month on this Irvingia assisted diet and 4lbs the next month. I would usually not be happy unless I was losing at least 7lb a month and would feel that 4lbs is hardly losing weight at all. But the big plus here is that I am eating great food ( brushing the dust off my recipe books looking for interesting meals) and I do not having any cravings for rubbish food and if I am hungry there is a meal just around the corner.

Was thinking I will be happy to get down under the 168lbs as that is 12 stone and then will drift slowly downwards to under 11 st or 154lbs. Does not matter if this takes 6 months or a year or more as I am eating so well and feeling so satisfied on the eating regime.

Breakfast today will be 2 eggs with a couple of slices of chicken pastrami. Lunch left over chicken with green veg. Yesterday I made a chilli peanut sauce to go with the chicken. Supper was a tinned salmon salad with cream and blue cheeses. I have found a way of eating I can follow for life and am going to be slim for life.

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