Friday, April 27, 2012

Background diet

This is the diet I have been looking for all my life. When I think back to the misery and struggle and sense of failure I had over the last umpteen years trying to get my weight under control I feel a sense of disbelief that in fact it can be so easy.

On this, I feel satisfied when I leave the table, I never pick and and nibble at food when I am preparing meals, I dont binge in the afternoons. I dont feel hungry between meals.

This way of eating is almost becoming automatic. I dont think about it much. I dont obsess about food. I eat my nice fatty meals and then food becomes unimportant until the next meal.

I have not had a stall once in nearly 4 months. This month looks like being about a 6lb loss again. Month before that was 6.6lb loss. I can now slide my rings off my fingers. I read about someone on the internet who lost 50lbs in 3 months on Atkins. I will never ever lose at that rate. Think it is better to do it slowly and give my skin time to adjust. I hope I dont get saggy and baggy. I am feeling my skin is more elastic because of my high fat level. Will just have to see how it goes.

Was ready about vanity sizing. What used to be a size 16 40 years ago is now a size 12 in UK! The clothing manufacturers have increased the size of the waist and hips on their clothes to accommodate the growing size of the ladies!

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