Monday, April 16, 2012


Just realised I have a problem with my ticker.

I have been using the UK system for dates with the day first then the month then the year. Just noticed ticker is set up for USA system with the month first then the day then the year! Trying to change the data but it wont accept it. Also went through and deleted a lot of old data. Before I was using lbs as I had a scale that worked in lbs. the new scale is in KG but I used the same ticker data so I had lbs and kg showing together. Hopefully I have got it right now and will try and do the dates correctly from now on. Does not seem to affect the display at all.

As I had hoped the scale is moving downwards again. Have not seen 87kg before. So making slow progress. I remember reading about a lady in one of the Atkins books who would only lose 5lbs a month so stayed on Induction nearly the whole time. I think I am going to be doing the same. I have a serious carb/insulin problem.

But I am happy that I dont see the scale go up as my eating is no longer out of my control. So each week I lose about a 1lb. This is very slow compared to my previous dieting attempts when I wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible so would try and starve my body into slimness. This time I am working with my body. It will get rid of the fat at its own pace and I must not try and hurry it.

I am not looking too much at calories now but a 1lb a week weight loss is around 500 cals per day of fat used up. Which is 55gms of fat or about 2oz. But once this fat has gone it has gone for good.

See UK is worried about the out of control obesity over there. This is the one and only answer. Not move more and eat less. Not shakes and slimming potions. Just get back to good plain natural protein, healthy fats and oils and low carb vegetables.


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