Thursday, April 05, 2012

Normal relationship with food

In 50 years I have never had a normal relationship with food until now. Food, especially carbs, had such power over me. If I knew there was left over chocolate cake, or dried fruit with museli cereal I could not relax in the afternoon until it was all finished or till I was so stuffed I felt sick.

I know now that was a symptom of a disordered carbohydrate metabolism. I ate too many carbs for lunch and as it was low calorie and low fat it hit my system very fast. I ended up with high glucose, followed by high insulin. The glucose would be stored in the fat cells but there was still too much insulin and my glucose blood level would come crashing down and I would have reactive hyperglycaemia. Then I would binge and the whole sorry process would start up all over again.

I believe know that the problem was caused by a) lack of fat and b)too many carb grams.

I am consuming around 30gms of carbs these days. Mainly from milk in my coffee and vegetables including tomatoes and onions.

I have increased my fat intake from zero ( a left over reflex from my years of low fat dieting) to around 50gms per day of butter, olive oil and coconut oil.

It seemed totally counter intuitive to be adding calories back into my diet when I want to lose weight but I had tried everything else I could think of and was still 100kg. It was a blind act of faith and boy is it paying off.

This is just a breeze. Weight is dropping. Another 200grms over the past 2 days. I am eating well and leaving the table satisfied and can forget about any food in the pantry or fridge till the next mealtime. Carbs have lost their hold over me. Free at last!

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