Monday, April 09, 2012

Sugar Addiction

I have just ordered some books on sugar addiction as I am sure this was part of my problem.

With cutting out fat, which is what I did for years, I ate more complex carbohydrates to try and fill me up. Trouble is it did not work. All that glucose just made me more hungry after meals and I ate more bread to try and feel sated.

Some of these books are also advising on what I have already discovered. My body is much happier on a higher percentage of fat and I dont put on weight as long as I dont eat grain carbohydrates. At present I am continuing to lose weight.

I dont know where this is going to stop and what I am going to look like when my body weight has stablized. I can already see fat has gone from my forearms and face and the bags under my eyes have gone.

Maybe I was never supposed to be obese but the dieting advice I received over the years was completely wrong for me. Eating bread and pasta and potatoes even though they are low calorie just fed my sugar addiction.

Now I am on a medium calorie eating plan with added good fats and am feeling so much younger than I have felt for years.

My body is thanking me every way it can for finally stopping the sugar diets!

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