Monday, April 02, 2012

7.7lbs a month

That is what I lost last month. This is not so much as losing as normalizing my weight. I dont feel on this diet that the less I eat the lower my weight will be. I eat a good 3 meals a day with added fat and oils and wait to see how my body is going to react.

Before I would be trying to punish my body by with holding food to get a lower weight the next day. It would all end in tears when I lost control around food and went for a binge.

It is amazing to me how that destructive behaviour has gone. It had been part of who I was for so long, since childhood. That daily battle with food every afternoon never went away. I was always waiting for it to start. I would buy 3 chocolate bars in town, eat 2 on the way home and then share the last one with DH!

Now I dont do that any more. Not once in nearly 3 months. It is not that I am resisting the craving. I just do not suffer from them any more. I can easily go 5 to 6 hours without food without any distress whatsoever.

The answer for me was not pills or potions or injections. It was the healing power of good fats and oils. Just adding in around 300 cals of butter, olive oil coconut oil has been enough to cure my eating disorder I have had for over 50 years and I have dropped 11kg in 10 weeks. Only 20 kg to go to get to a normal body!

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