Friday, April 20, 2012


I like to have some goals that I can achieve quickly as well as some long term goals. The 2 goals I am aiming for at present are to drop off the obese BMI and I need to lose about 6lbs to do that. The other is to have my fat percentage on the new scale drop below 40.4 which is where it is at present. I expect the 2 things are linked but have no idea which will come first!

I have set up a spreadsheet showing kg lbs and st and lbs plus the BMI figures. So as I drop 100gms at a time I can see what the equivalent is in the other scales.

My new scale does not have an option to weigh in lbs or st and lbs. In a way only being able to weigh in Kg is actually a help as I have no connotations linked the kg weights. Whereas the st and lbs weight I can remember weighing that weight at my wedding or that weight after the birth of my first child.

Kg weights are clean somehow. So I just get on the scale. See if the weight has gone down or not and there is no baggage attached to it.

Felt I have less fat on my jaw line and noticed my lower calves have emerged from their layer of fat. This is definately working. Bit slower than my usual low calorie diets when I try to eat even less to see the scale go down faster. That does not seem to work on this plan and I know if I try it I would binge. So nice not going to bed hungry! This is going to take time but I have the rest of my life to get it right.

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