Saturday, April 07, 2012


Got into a pair of jeans yesterday. Glorious day.

Yes they are my biggest pair but 2 months ago I would have been no where near being able to zip them up.

Have got a rack of jeans in various sizes so will be great to work my way back through them.

In a few months these jeans may be too big!

I never thought I would be free of that behaviour around food in the afternoons. It has been so much a part of who I thought I was. It was just something I had to live with and fight every afternoon. That burning desire for calories in the afternoon. When I was dieting I would have a reason to try and ignore it but when I was off the diet or feeling weak I would give in and the diet would be a complete mess till the following day when I would start all over again.

Even now having not binged for 3 months I still have that waiting feeling around 3 or 4pm to see if it is going to start again. Whether my blood glucose will drop too low and I will be back in the pantry or the fridge. Every afternoon I make myself a cup of tea around that time and there is no desire to eat abnormally.

To me this is the biggest breakthrough. I always knew how to lose weight, only this is the easiest method I have tried. But with the out of control behaviour I was concerned about putting it back on again as I have done so often in the past. Now I have understood that behaviour and am eating so it never happens I have faith that the weight I am losing will never come back on again.

It is all about reactive hyperglycaemia and insulin. This is a cure.

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