Sunday, April 15, 2012

slow but sure

I am now getting used to this way of eating and not finding it too difficult. I can see that I am now satisfied with less food but it is more nutrient dense food. They had a silly weight loss system I read about once where you eat more food with less nutrient density to 'fill you up'. That to me now would be a recipe for overeating which I used to do often.

You either leave the table not feeling you have eaten enough and find yourself binging a few hours later or you eat too much low density food to try and get the nutrients your body needs.

My body is satisfied with smaller high fat meals. I eat less and can go longer between meals and am satisfied.

Yesterday was a wedding and I managed to get into a suit I had not worn in a couple of years. I felt I looked good. I had a cheese salad at 12 and then a few pieces of biltong around 5. I felt that was the less harmful of the snacks on offer. Half a glass of champagne and a plate of meat and salad at 8pm. Was in control the whole time and made good choices.

This is the way my body was designed to run. Not on that endless glucose roller coaster.

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