Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fat percentage 39.9

Finally am seeing some changing numbers on the fancy scale I bought. I though it was stuck in the 40's as I have been seeing over 40 for the past 2 and a half months. This morning was 39.9% so making progress.

Cooked a mutton leg roast yesterday and have kept all the fat that came out of the tin. My grandmother used to do that. So now I have some fat I can use in cooking. On my low fat diets I would have thrown the fat away that came out of the roasting tin. Now fat does not worry me as I know I can consume quite a bit and still lose weight every week. My body much prefers to get it energy from fat rather than from glucose.

Was reading Idiot Proof Diet yesterday. They took a year to lose 70lbs each. I have lost 30 and have another 40lbs to go. So may take me another 9 months but I am enjoying this so much it does not worry me. This is the diet for the rest of my life.

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