Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ketone test

Yesterday I had no milk at all. I am a big coffee drinker about 6 mugs in the morning. One after lunch and dinner and tea in the afternoon.

For all of those yesterday I had cream instead of the usual milk. When I tested with the ketone strips in the afternoon I was on the next block of colour and not the usual pale pink. So giving up the milk did make a difference. So as long as I have cream I will use it. Not sure if I will carry on once the weight has gone. That will be my first introduction of carbs. To put whole milk back in the diet.

Used fitday yesterday. 1561 cals and 28gms carbs. The page is much easier to use now and is much quicker on a dialup connection. I had given up as it was so slow to find the foods and get the quantities sorted. I will go back there another day to check my food intake.

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