Monday, October 11, 2010

14lbs down

I started the tablets on the 12th Sept and today is the 11th Oct and I am exactly 14lbs less than I was then. Am very happy with the progress and now that my abnormal cravings have stopped I dont see any reason why I cant get this obesity under control and finally get down and stay at a good weight for my height. I am aiming at just under 140lbs to begin with and will see how my body looks at that weight. Having been obese for most of my life I am not sure what my correct weight is.

Did lunch at the club after church yesterday. Was later than I normally eat at 1 whereas I usually eat at 12. But I coped fine and did not desire any snacks or cakes at coffee time. Had chicken and the low carb salads and pleased to see a small loss this morning. Did not have any diet coke as I know that stalls my weight loss. Had water.

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