Sunday, October 03, 2010

Three good meals a day

Went out last night but had my salad ( big one with tuna and feta) beforehand and did not have to use will power to say no to food on offer. Normally I would have either gone ahead and eaten it, a steak roll, or justified that it was meat so allowed on Atkins and just eaten the steak. As it was I genuinely did not want to eat it, my brain was contented so passed on the food.

Am going to go through my low carb dieting books and check again which says yes to snacks and which says no. Maybe someone without a big weight problem could have a snack and still lose weight. My experience is I am better have larger meals and no snacks. Seems to suit my hormonal response to food better.

Aiming to get under 182lbs in the next week.

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