Friday, October 15, 2010

Thirty Pounds Down

Am today under the 13st again. I was worried in case I had lost the plot entirely and was heading back up to over 200lbs again. I think if I had not found the irvingia supplement that is where I would be heading now.

Differences I have noticed with Irvingia.

I no longer crave anything sweet.
I feel satisfied after a normal portion of food.
I dont snack and binge in the afternoon and evening.
I can feel hunger without having to do anything about it. I can wait for my meal.
My brain is quieter and I can concentrate on other things instead of constantly thinking about food.

Interesting another lady on the low carb forum has also tried irvingia and has lost 15lb in 2 weeks and has not cheated once and has no longer got a sweet tooth.

There is some great truth in this product about fixing something that is broken in the obese.

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