Friday, October 01, 2010

The Hard Core Leptin Diet

Got off the obese BMI this morning. Now officially 29.9 BMI

This is what I am doing. So pleased it is working.

The Hard Core Leptin Diet.

Leptin is a hormone made by your fat that tells your brain you have eaten enough food and there are plenty of fat stores so it is not necessary to eat any extras.

Obese and overweight people have leptin resistance, where the message does not reach the brain saying plenty of food here and plenty of fat so don’t eat any more. So because of the leptin resistance they are permanently hungry and eat on autopilot.

When you were a child or had a normal appetite you would eat your meal and then run off and play or get busy with the rest of your life and not obsess about eating more food after you have recently had a good meal.

To correct leptin resistance you can take a supplement from RSA called Irvingia Plus which will help the leptin get through to your brain and so your body will feel full. You can also take HCA which is also an appetite control supplement. Both of these are made by Solal and can be purchased at Dischem or other chemist in SA. Link in Lusaka will order for you. The recommended dose is 2 capsules before meals but I have found one capsule of each product before lunch works for me. I no longer want or need to continually eat after lunch and feel satisfied with the food I am eating. One container of Irvingia plus contains 60 capsules enough for 2 months and the HCA contains 90 tablets enough for 3 months.

On this diet you eat or drink no calories at all outside meal times. So only water, black tea or black coffee between meals. You may have a small amount of milk or cream with your drinks at meal times.

No diet drinks and no artificial sweeteners. You will find you no longer have a sweet craving after a few days. No desserts.

This is basically the Atkins diet but with the change that snacks are not allowed, butter is not allowed, snacks are not allowed and you use olive oil for cooking and salads.

Eat no diet products. Nothing that says low fat on it.

Fruit is not allowed as it contains sugar which turns to glucose.

Take a good multivitamin and mineral tablet every day.

Make sure you are leaving 5 hours between each meal and eat your evening meal as early as possible so you leave 3 hours after eating before going to bed. Meal times could be breakfast 7.30, lunch 12.30 and supper 5.30 bed 9.30. Change the times to suit yourself, but keep the spacing.

You must have breakfast. Do not skip meals. Do not have seconds or thirds. Dish up your plate with normal portions and do not add any more.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Tea and coffee do not count. 2 on rising. Warm water is easier on your system. 2 at breakfast, 2 with lunch and 2 in the afternoon. You can have another couple in the evening if you can fit them in.

Broken cooked eggs causes inflammation in your body fat. So breakfast is a choice of poached or boiled eggs. Put some olive oil in the dish, add flavour of your choice: herbs, spice etc. Break the eggs into the poaching cup and poach over low heat until the yolk is how you like it. Two eggs for ladies, 3 or 4 for men. At the weekends you may have some tomato, sausage or bacon with your eggs. Make sure the sausage is all meat and does not contain any bread or flour filling.

You can change menus for lunch and supper around if you need to but it is better to eat your bigger meal of the day at lunch time if at all possible.

I have a cooked meal at lunch time. Low carb. So roast chicken or steak or grilled fish. You can eat the skin that comes with your portion but not all of the chicken skin (!). Steak can be cooked in olive oil. Then any green veg, cabbage, spinach etc. You can make sauces without flour.

Atkins says no onions or tomatoes but I find adding half an onion to lunch and a tomato for supper does not stall my weight loss.

No potato, sweet potato, bread, rice, pasta or any other starch. You may be able to introduce these foods back in small quantities once you have lost the weight.

Supper is a big salad. Get a vegetable serving dish and cut up 2 cups of mixed salad leaves. Chop up a tomato. Add either half a tin of tuna or salmon, or a tin of sardines in oil, add some feta cheese plus a bit of blue cheese for flavour. Stay away from hard cheese for now. It is too easy to eat too much of it. Add a dessert spoon of virgin olive oil and enjoy. You could also add a small amount of left over meat if you had fish for lunch instead of the tinned fish.

What sort of weight loss can you expect? If you can get your leptin communication correct, you may find you are losing weight faster than you ever have before. Depending on how much you have to lose you could find a weight loss of over 5lbs the first week and then 2 to 3lbs each week afterwards. Men will lose more.

You should feel hungry about 2 hours before your next meal but the hunger pangs should not be uncontrollable the way cravings are. Your body should be able to switch over to burning your fat for the last 2 hours before the next meal and during the night. This is the way your body is supposed to work so let it get on with it and don’t give in by eating between meals.

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