Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Relentless weight loss

I dont think I have ever used that heading before. Usually it is relentless weight gain!

Another 0.8lbs off on the scale this morning. Keen to get under the 180lb mark. Should do that next week sometime.

It is so liberating not to have to worry about overeating or going off my diet in the afternoons.

I just dont go there the other day. DH pointed out a bar of chocolate was missing from the fridge yesterday. 6 weeks ago it would have been me who had eaten it and thrown away the wrapper. But I could tell him I used it in his birthday cake on Sunday.

Food is just not that important anymore. I eat my meals and then forget about food for the next few hours. This irvingia has done something to me that no other diet or eating plan or tablets has ever done before. I am no longer obsessed with food.

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