Thursday, October 14, 2010

Leptin Diets

Rechecking through my books to see which diets work with Leptin instead of against Leptin.

Got Master Leptin, Leptin Boost Diet Rosedale Diet and Fat Resistance Diet.

I plan to do an analysis and compare one to another. Some say you can eat snacks, others say no snacks. Some say you can only have egg white and not the whole egg!

The Diet I have worked out does not allow snacks but allows 400 to 500 calories for a meal and does allow whole eggs. I do not like waste and the idea of throwing perfectly good egg yolks away is a very big waste.

Found some cream yesterday so now having cream in my coffee first thing and also if having with meals. Not having cream outside mealtimes as I am on a no calories between meal diet and it is working.

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