Thursday, October 07, 2010

No more Binging

For years I have had a problem with the desire to eat more food in the afternoons after having had a good meal at lunch time. If I was on a diet I would try and control this desire and try and get out of the house so I would not be continually visiting the fridge or the pantry to look for food. My intake over 4 or 5 hours could easily add up to over 600 cals or more. I just did not seem to have an 'enough already' button and would continue to eat.

Since the first day I have been taking Irvingia Plus I have found I have had no desire at all to eat in the afternoons except at meal times when I am hungry.

It seems this is all due to Leptin resistance. The message from my fat cells and stomach was not getting through to my brain to say we are all full down here. So I carried on eating trying to get that full signal. Now I get the full signal after my meal and am happy not to eat until supper time. This is what it must be like to be normal. The way I used to eat or not eat was not normal at all!

My skin is feeling good. Interesting to see if this diet has any effect on my nails. Muffin top has gone forever.

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