Monday, October 18, 2010

Irvingia the Diet Enabler

Was very interested to read yesterday that on the low carb forum where I reccommeded Irvingia a few weeks ago 2 ladies have decided to try it.

They are both now reporting very good results from it. The one is over 100lbs and in 2 weeks has lost 15lbs and says she is finding dieting so much easier.

The other has taken a while to notice any difference in her habits but now says she is able to take a small amount of food not on her diet and is much more in control around food. She is also feeling better and walking every day.

I am calling this a diet enabler because with it it is far easier to stick to a diet. You feel satisfied with less food. You dont binge and snack at inappropriate times. You dont feel as though you are living in a fog the whole time.

It will be interesting to see if the effect is sustainable and that we all lose the excess weight and are then able to maintain that new slim weight.

So far I am far more positive than I have ever been that this is the answer for me and for all the obese people in the world.

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