Sunday, October 10, 2010

Four weeks and counting

I am trying to think back as to the differences between this diet and all the ones that have gone before. All the previous ones were of limited success. I would lose some weight but as soon as I came off the diet the weight would come back on.

Even on those diets I would have really bad cravings in the afternoons and evenings and would often blow my dieting efforts in a couple of hours of binging.

In 4 weeks of taking Irvingia plus I have not had one out of control afternoon or evening. I have eaten my meal and enjoyed it and felt satisfied to wait for the next meal.

Weight today 13,8lbs less than 4 weeks ago. Would have been nice to be on the 14lbs but that is what the scale said and I am not fudging it. I know now I will never find the scale going up by 4 or 5lbs after a binge.

This will be the start of the next 4 weeks. I have 7 weeks until Christmas so would be nice to lose 2lbs a week and lose another 14lbs by Christmas. Once I am under the 174lbs I will be nearly home and dry.

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